FUT Methods for Hair Replacement Abroad

Hair restoration abroad has taken a dramatic leap forward in the treatment for hair loss — as it combines low cost of hair restoration with advanced hair growth treatments. Patients all over the globe are benefiting from the advanced hair restoration technology without any linear scarring or lengthy downtime, specifically men’s hair restoration patients.

The follicular unit transplantation (FUT) method of hair loss treatment relies on the same principle of follicular transplant (FUE), however, follicles are removed using a modest and effective approach. A thin strip of skin is decidedly excised from the donor area, dissected microscopically and grafted onto the areas of interest.

The FUT method can be used to create different levels of density to allow for a more natural look. These tiny grafts can also be placed into very small recipient sites, where minimal damage is caused to the skin, as the healing takes a few days and leaves no marks.

Advantages of FUT Method

With the strip method, surgeons minimize the amount of donor area being exposed to the risk of damaging hair follicles while obtaining the donor hair.

Most hair loss patients have no desire to have lengthy, repetitive series of treatments. FUT method allows surgeons to transplant in large sessions, resulting in one session and quicker results.

FUT Procedure

The first-rate hair transplant clinic will remove a narrow strip of thickly haired skin from the donor area at the back of the head. The area from where the strip is removed, is delicately stitched using a method that leaves a small scar that is easily covered by overlaying hair, leaving it no longer visible.

After a short period of relaxation time, the hair transplant surgeon continues with the treatment with a specially developed tool which holds the new hair follicles. This instrument enables the surgeon to distribute the new hair follicles in a natural way, and with accuracy.

When the grafts are in the place the treatment is complete, and this process can take anywhere from 5 to 8 hours.

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