Hair Loss in Men

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Illuminated by a multitude of reasons — men between 20 and 45 are disturbed by male pattern baldness. Hair loss in men follows a typical sequence or pattern, indicating that hair loss can start in diverse areas, however is commonly seen at the temples or on the crown of the head.

What is Causing your Male Pattern Baldness?

Simply put — most men are genetically susceptible to male pattern baldness. The effect of hormones on the hair follicle produces male pattern baldness when testosterone that is present in males after puberty is converted to a DHT enzyme.

The DHT tends to have an adverse effect on hair follicles, triggering less hair growth and production. Hormones can simulate both hair growth and hair loss, however genetics and hormonal changes have a prevalent influence on the loss of hair on men and women.

When Should You Consider Hair Transplant Surgery?

If you are losing hair in small emissions, or if you are drastically losing hair, it is time for you to have an initial consultation for hair translant surgery. This type of hair loss may not characterize typical male pattern baldness however, a proper diagnosis is significant to understanding how to stop hair loss.

Do not hesitate to reach out to a specialist abroad for options pertaining to the treatment of hair loss in men; as hair loss can occur for a number of reasons and can often be treated successfully.

Types of Hair Loss in Men

The level and seriousness of hair loss can best be diagnosed by a hair transplant abroad professional. However, male pattern baldness is given as a general idea for those who are witnessing hair loss more commonly than the norm.

The most commonly used chart for male pattern baldness is the Norwood scale. The Norwood Scale is a test used by hair transplant surgeons to determine the extent of hair loss in men. The scale is categorized from Stages 1 – 7 and is used as a hair loss test to determine the progression of hair loss.


Type 1 | Slight hair loss to no hair loss.

Type 2 | Minimal receding hairline in the front or the side of your scalp and/or with small thinning circle in the crown area.

Type 3 | More deeper to the back receding pattern with bald spot growing larger.

Type 4 | Frontal region almost reaches to the top of your head with the balding noticeable.

Type 5 | Balding reaches to the vertex of your scalp. Your frontal region is gone.

Type 6 | Frontal and top part of your head is left with no hair.

Type 7 | Hair has totally receded all the way back to the base of your head and left just slightly above your ears.

The Norwood scale will be used to help your surgeon determine how many hair grafts you will need and the most suitable hair transplantation method.

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