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Dr. Hedi Belajouza

Sousse, Tunisia

Dr. Hedi Belajouza is recognized for his artistic brilliance, stunning natural results and minimally invasive hair transplant techniques. His practice is based in one Tunisia's liveliest and most breathtaking cities — Sousse.

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About Hair Transplant in Tunisia

Improve your life with Hair Transplant Tunisia.

Hair restoration in Tunisia offer expert specialists who are training amongst the finest hair restoration surgeons in the world. A unique combination of technical skills, artistry and an eye for recreating the natural patterns of hair growth gives Tunisia hair restoration clinics an advantage.

Hair transplant doctors in Tunisia understand that patients want a full head of hair that is natural and undetectable — your personalized care is the top priority from the initial consultation to the final result.

Sights to See in Tunisia

The sand-fringed Mediterranean coast and the scented sea breezes are the perfect combination for a perfect holiday getaway. Tunisia is a leading destination for not only the sun-sand-and-sea, but the aspiringly modern Arab capital of Tunis, provides a powerful existence you don’t want to miss.

Palmeraie. This enormous green space has over 200,000 date palms, as well as fig and pomegranate trees and canopied garden holdings.

Traveling to Tunisia for Hair Restoration

Airports. Carthage Airport (TUN)

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