Hair Transplantation Center of Dr Francisco Gomez Leon

"I understand beauty as a consequence of various elements that intertwine like drops, and a basic requirement of obtaining it is to feel." ? Dr. Franciso Gomez Leon

Why are we the leading hair transplant center in Spain? Our state-of-the-art surgical facility in Barcelona is dedicated to providing the most natural, permanent hair restoration results to both men and women, with an emphasis on artistic concepts, patient comfort, and natural, permanent results. Founder and Director, Dr. Francisco Gomez, is Barcelona's top surgeon in the field of hair restoration surgery.

Hair Transplant Center of Dr. Francisco Gomez Leon

Combining his talents with pure driven passion to help individuals overcome hair loss, and over a decade of experience in the field of hair transplantation, Dr. Gomez?s primary focus is to advance the art and science of hair restoration.

Specialized medical consultation with a major social commitment,�offering services of high quality and updated.
High professional development in the area of Aesthetic Medicine, Antiaging, Hair Transplantation and Sports Medicine,
with a human approach, plus an individualized treatment.
Commitment and empathy with the patient to achieve the best possible result in the treatment, with a wide view in the pursuit of beauty and harmony.
Ethics in drawing realistic goals to achieve in treatments performed.
The constant pursuit of academic and human excellence.
The approach to achievement.

We work with SAFER technology, pioneers in the world in automated hair transplant technology, which has the following advantages:

-Quick recovery of the patient;

-Minimum or nil discomfort during the intervention;

- No risk of scars;

-Drastically reduces the time of the intervention;

-Effective on all types of hair, thanks to its suction system;

- Maximum quality of the follicles thanks to its NO TOUCH technology;

-It offers the lowest transection rate in the industry, almost 0%;

- It simplifies the procedure and reduces the number of phases of the implant;

-Results very natural and durable.

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Francisco Gómez León

Specialist in Esthetic and Antiaging Medicine, Hair Transplantation and Sports Medicine.